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Pain in the bottom

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

My fortnight of workshops, days out and bruising my tailbone. Yes there's a lot that happens in 2 weeks.

This neon sign from God's Own Junk Yard some's me up right now.

Firstly, my tailbone

No doubt as my blog posts progress, you will start to learn that I am a little on the clumsy side. This became ever more apparent last week, when I decided to fall down a full fight of stairs on my bottom. Thankfully I didn't do any serious damage (I think my body has built up a tolerance over the years) but I have bruised my tailbone. It. Is. So. Painful! The worst part is that it's at its most painful when I am sitting down. I basically have to contort my body, just too get a little comfort.

Sadly, due to this, I had to miss the The Collective Market on Saturday, which I was really gutted about. There's always a fantastic crowd there, with a great range of stalls. Plus it's held in Hawker House Street Feast which means a delicious selection of street food (and alcohol). I'll be back another time though. All is not lost.

I won't let that stop me

Despite my ailments I have still had a pretty busy couple of weeks. Firstly I have hosted a couple of really lovely workshops at Drink Shop and Do. It's a great venue in Kings Cross that's a cafe by day and bar by night, they hold regular workshops for all sorts of things. Including naughty nipple tassel making. Ooh err.

On the most recent workshop, it was a class of just Drink Shop and Do staff and it may have been my most fun workshop yet. A whole class where they all know each other and can laugh and joke with one another is the best kind of class. Plus the girls were all super lovely. Obviously that helps.

I also had a visit this week from a lovely lady called Jess and her adorable daughter Matilda. She and her fiancé recently came to another one of my ring making workshops at Artfix London and made their own wedding rings. How god damn cute is that? Jess popped over to mine to give them a quick touch up and polish, in order to have them perfect for the big day.

And here are those lovely rings.

If you are interested in a jewellery workshop, you can see all the events on my website.

What else have I been up to?

Well, a couple of weekends ago, my boyfriend Warren and I joined some friends for a little mini break in Hastings. Although the weather was so beautiful, you could be forgiven for thinking we were in the Mediterranean. We had a lovely time and stayed in a gorgeous little Airbnb. Perhaps my favourite memory of the weekend, however, was Warren sleep walking out of the apartment in the middle of the night and locking himself out in just his pants. To make matters worse, there was a cab office 2 doors down. I will NEVER let him live that down.

We have also made the most of living in London, by visiting a few cool places over the weekend.

The first on the list was Gods Own Junkyard. If you are a lover of everything neon, it's well worth a visit. They have old movie props, shop signs and just plain wacky pieces. It's owned by Chris Bracey, who has worked with Neon for 37 years. He's even created pieces for David la Chappelle and Martin Creed. It's a stunning, visual funfair with a cafe too. What more could you want?

Having enjoyed the neon delights (de-lights, see what I did there?) we were in the mood for all things salvaged so headed to the Lewisham Aladdin's Cave next. Warren had never been before so I warned him that sometimes you find gold but other times, just dusty old pieces of junk. They have thousands of chairs, light fittings and radiators. In fact, they have everything including the kitchen sink. About 50 kitchen sinks, in fact. I love it. It's like a little museum. We found our gold too. Walking through, we came across two huge barn doors with the original Charles Collinge Lambeth hinges on them. Warren snapped them up and they are currently in his living room awaiting a DIY project. No doubt there'll be updates on that.

Lastly we popped into Forest, Deptford. Possibly the greatest plant store in London. It's perfect for the #urbangarden as most of the plants are indoor. Frankly, if I could have that many plants in my flat, I would. It's so beautiful. In fact, I have quite a few plants and pots from there already...

What's even more exciting about Forest, is I have a Silver Ring Workshop booked in for there on the 18th April. It'll be my first time hosting there so I'm super excited.

So that's my round up of the last few weeks. I hope to become a little more regular with my blogging. Fingers crossed that happens. Thanks for reading x x x


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