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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

I have been meaning to blog for some time now and I am finally getting my head down and doing it. In this blog you can follow my journey through my business adventure. From freezing cold and windy days at the markets, to fun filled workshops, you'll find all the stories about what I've been up to here. I'll even add little anecdotes about my gorgeous little sausage dog, Digby too (because why wouldn't I?)

Not the best picture but hey.

A little about me

My name is Denna (hence the name House of Denna) and I live in South East London with my lovely little boy, Digby.

The name of my business was actually thought up by my now boyfriend (he was just a friend at the time) on a drunken evening of brainstorming between friends. I bought the domain there and then. Not all drunken purchases are a good idea but this one worked and has stuck.

My boyfriend now likes to say he owns half the company because he thought of the name. If only life worked like that, hey?

When House of Denna started, I didn't make, or even know how to make jewellery. Despite my late Grandad being a Jeweller, with his own studio in Hatton Garden until the late 80's, it didn't occur to me. Instead, I started sourcing pieces I liked and sold them at markets and online.

It was only when I went on a workshop with the fantastic Roderick Vere https://roderickvere.com that I found my passion. Clearly it's in my genes.

Now I don't only enjoy making pieces myself, I also teach others. I love every moment of my job. I consider myself very lucky indeed.

What to expect from my next post

I am hosting an exciting workshop this weekend at Artfix London, SE18. I'll be teaching a bunch of lovely people how to make their very own silver ring. No doubt I will have some fabulous pictures and great stories about that.

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