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Hands Up who's terrible at blogging...

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Bless him. He's a real cutie.

Wow. I knew I hadn't blogged for some time but I didn't realise just how long. Sorry all.

While Digger's (my incredibly cute sausage dog) is laying on my arm though, I have nowhere to go. A blog post shall be written.

Talking of which, I was thinking of setting up an instagram account for Digby. I've toyed with the idea before but haven't got round to it.

He poses like he was made for the camera and I wouldn't struggle to finds pictures on my phone (90% are of him). Is it worth the work though? Do people really want to see pictures of someone else's dog? I mean, I love looking at other dogs but I'm not most people.

Hmmm. Something to think about I suppose.

Tips on how to clean your silver

Silver is a lovely metal but it has it's issues. Tarnishing! Also suncream, soap, lotion and general day to day dirt can make the stones or detail on your jewellery look grubby and lose it's sparkle.

We don't want you to lose your sparkle. What's the world without sparkle?

So with that in mind, here are a few tips to brighten up your pretty little things at home.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Jewellery Wipes. These are great to pop in your handbag and for quickly shining up on the go. Not only do they clean your jewellery, they add a protective layer to stop tarnishing for longer. They are super easy to get hold of. I recommend Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes. They work for gold too and you can even us them on diamonds.

  2. Toothpaste. Yep, you heard right. Toothpaste isn't just good for removing stains from your teeth. It's mild abrasive texture also works for cleaning your jewels too. This only works for paste however. The gel toothpastes won't do the job. Dab a little on the silver with your finger and lightly rub it in. When finished, give it a rinse with warm water, dry with a soft cloth et voilà, it's good as new. MAKE SURE your jewellery isn't plated though. Using this method too many times could remove that plating.

  3. Baking Soda. This is for your super tarnished bits and really only to be done if it really needs it. Baking soda, like the toothpaste, has a little abrasive texture and really helps to remove heavy tarnish. Mix 3 parts water with 1 part baking soda and use a soft cloth to apply the paste on. Rub it into the crevices and clean off with a dry cloth. After, give it a little rinse and bask in it's shine.

  4. Good old dish soap. A little dish soap diluted in warm water will remove most stains and grime. Simply give it a little wash in the bowl and dry with a nice soft cloth. You jewellery will have it's sparkle back in no time.

I'm looking forward to...

At the end of the month, I'm very excited to be attending the Exhale Festival, in Fairoaks Farm in West Sussex. It's a wellness festival with yoga, fitness and parties! I won't just have a stall selling my handmade jewellery there, I'll also be running silver ring workshops. There's a bunch of other workshops running too. I have my eye on the festival denim jacket workshop and of course the festival glitter. I'm dragging my boyfriend along so he can watch my stall while I have fun.

Shhhh... don't tell him.

Fancy joining? Head to their website for tix.

I have lots of other workshops around the London and Greater London area and can host private workshops too (perfect for birthdays, hen do's and alike). For more info, check out my events page or email me on info@houseofdenna.com


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